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Tour of Brookswood Animal Clinic in Bend, Oregon

Experience a tour of our expertly designed, and modern veterinary clinic.

Pet Dental Cleaning

Dr. Ruth Loomis explains the entire procedure for a dental cleaning.  She outlines the reasons why it can seem costly, and how a regular cleaning can help prevent serious problems later.  Ruth also shows us cleaning products you can use at home with your pet.

Does my pet need to be on heartworm medication?

Heartworm disease is not endemic in our area due to our temperature fluctuations (too cool at night).  If your pet travels with you outside of central Oregon then heartworm prevention may be appropriate, especially in the summer months.  Most heartworm preventatives also function as a monthly dewormer for common intestinal parasites.  If you have small children at home or your pet is very social and spends a lot of time in heavily dog trafficked areas then having your dog on a monthly parasite prevention program makes sense.


Animal Care for Bend Oregon

Taking care of your furry family members in Bend Oregon

Brookswood Animal Clinic is a modern veterinary hospital located in beautiful Bend, Oregon.  Equipped with the latest veterinary technology and a dedicated team of experienced and compassionate doctors and staff, our clinic is one of the best in Bend.  

A veterinary hospital can be a scary place, especially for a sick pet and a worried owner.  Our goal is to provide excellent medical care for your pets in a relaxed animal and human friendly environment.  From the waiting room to the treatment area, we have thought about what will provide you and your pet the most pleasant visit with us.  We want to be there for all your animal health care needs which is why we strive to provide a wide variety of services and payment plan options to make taking care of your furry family members as easy as possible.

Our complete veterinary care services include:

  • regular wellness exams and vaccines
  •  imaging services including ultrasound  
  • soft tissue and some orthopedic surgery 
  • diet management 
  • dental care
  • behavior consultation
  • convenient dog wash station "The Dirty Dog"

By providing clients with a clear understanding of each individual pet's medical needs and taking into consideration each family's unique set of circumstances, we help clients make informed medical decisions. 

Our animal hospital is located in Brookswood Meadow Plaza on the south west side of Bend, Oregon in the heart of the growing Southwest Bend community. Dr Ruth Loomis has been a practicing veterinarian in the Bend community for over eight years and is pleased to expand her practice to serve the neighborhood. Dr. Loomis' passion for animals and veterinary care includes special interests in internal medicine, soft tissue surgery and diagnostic imaging. 

Brookswood Animal Clinic is committed to providing your pet with the absolute best care possible. If for some reason we are unable to serve your pets specific needs, we will help you with a referral to one of the many specialty providers in our area. We welcome all your questions or concerns and we look forward to being your source for veterinary care!


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